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Bringing together an exceptionally compelling voice, powerfully memorable melodies and a true knack for crafting contemporary pop music, Australian singer/songwriter John Lingard is poised to make an indelible mark on the international music scene, starting with the release of a new EP later in 2019.


2018 saw Lingard make two productive and inspiring trips to Nashville, where he met some important collaborators who helped bring his musical visions to fruition: songwriter Ben Cramer (Old Sea Brigade), songwriter Mark Watrous (The Shins) and producer Owen Lewis. They hit it off on his first foray to Music City (Nashville) in the summer of 2018 and Lingard decided to go back to work on what would become the new EP in December.

This as-yet-untitled project exemplifies the full flourishing of Lingard’s talent and experience, as he crafts music that has meaning and depth, yet which still possesses an uncanny pop sensibility both musically and rhythmically.

The lovely and soulfully melancholic song, Ballerina is a wonderful tune dedicated to Lingard’s young niece, Billie, and gives listeners an authentic insight into Lingard’s love of family, and his ability to transfer that sense of sentimentality to an audience in a way that is sweet, not sappy.

“I never want her to be too grown up. I don’t want to see her dreams go unfulfilled or her become somebody she wasn’t happy about. And there are also elements in there about lost love and unrequited love which I was experiencing and didn’t want her to have to experience those same things.”

The ability to bring forth such powerful and emotional narratives from his own life, his own thoughts and feelings is the hallmark of a bold and dynamic artist. It is a rare gift, and one that will undoubtedly stir the hearts and minds of audiences around the world.

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